Chess arlein am ddim. Chwarae chess nawr mewn rhyngwyneb glan. Ddim cofrestru, hysbysebion, ddim angen ategyn. Chwarae chess efo cyfrifiadur, ffrindiau neu person are hap.
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  1. Chess Publishing Tool for Blogs countersparks Hi guys, I love a lot of the features here, like computer analysis […]
  2. Which is your favorite opening ? Dionysus_god As white: 1.e4... anything but French or Caro-Kann. As black: Most […]
  3. Which is your favorite opening ? numberfour a varant of the berlin defense and kings gambit. I hope that mad […]
  4. Which is your favorite opening ? FutureBoy French Defence (as black).
  5. biggest chess piece in the world! numberfour […]
  6. Can you solve a 4756 rating puzzle? andonuts It seems the rating of that puzzle has overflowed back to -267424995. […]
  7. new sounds ChikiPuki Check could also be sound (e.g. the sound of a shot, or laser).
  8. new sounds ChikiPuki It would be necessary to add a separate sound of the beginning of the […]
  9. Can you solve a 4756 rating puzzle? kettwiesel
  10. Choosing Your Own Board Colors chess240 Sounds like a good idea.
  11. white-black / alternate games poolshark I understand this has been employed in bullet tournament games whereby […]
  12. Auto-Switch doesn't work in Co […] Garrret Auto-switch stopped working for me too.
  13. Ideas for New Chess Pieces flugsio Latest piece usage stats from 2 days ago […]
  14. Choosing Your Own Board Colors FutureBoy I love the lichess chess boards. So simple and clean, and also lovely […]
  15. Please Broadcast the WCCC ! Hellball That's up to FICS, not lichess. Sorry about that -- lichess just rela […]
  16. Home layout flugsio As a workaround you can press the » that usually sticks out behind the […]
  17. Ideas for New Chess Pieces CTORH Every piece must fill almost the entire square (the Pawns a little sma […]
  18. Adding an icon next to online […] riemannn Can we have an icon of sorts next to our online friends (list on the b […]
  19. International tournaments DunnoItAll The issue isn't just that someone doesn't want to see stockfish's anal […]
  20. International tournaments MrGM I understand some people don't want to see stockfish's analysis so may […]
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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