Chess arlein am ddim. Chwarae chess nawr mewn rhyngwyneb glan. Ddim cofrestru, hysbysebion, ddim angen ategyn. Chwarae chess efo cyfrifiadur, ffrindiau neu person are hap.
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 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Hourly Blitz 50m  34
 Hunt  1+1 Rated 40m  1/30
 Ford  7+2 Rated 30m  3/8
 Cherry  2+0 Rated 40m  1/8
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  2. Stockfish 8 openings Legit-Lobster It's a crutch, giving the engine a book to access for the first couple […]
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  7. Start new game button gone jkr I'd also appreciate the return of the find new game button.
  8. Feature Request: please return […] rzenaikrzys Yes,this option is important,back it,please
  9. The red box which is highlight […] Clarkey […]
  10. The red box which is highlight […] brumo Hi, I noticed when reviewing my games with the computer analysis th […]
  11. There should be an "offer draw […] IDetestChess Thanks for your replies
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  13. There should be an "offer draw […] Clarkey Not that simple. A lot of positions with fight still in them have even […]
  14. There should be an "offer draw […] IDetestChess Wouldn't it simply be a matter of evaluating which side has the advant […]
  15. There should be an "offer draw […] OneOfTheQ Well, the issue there is that it would be a lot more than just a butto […]
  16. There should be an "offer draw […] IDetestChess I just played a game against stockfish level 5 and, to my surprise, so […]
  17. Start new game button gone Clarkey Yes, the sound is getting worked on. But please try and keep this thre […]
  18. Start new game button gone rfw Yes the bleeping noise was terrible; I just disabled it completely.
  19. Win against a much better player Demystifier how do i get out of this pointless conversation? tired of receiving […]
  20. Start new game button gone bulletmark Yes, please fix this. Also, the constant beeping in the last 20 secs o […]
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